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Library Skills…

At Library Skills, we have a simple mission – to help students easily navigate the library and quickly find the section for which they are searching.  We’re proud to offer high-quality products that are manufactured in the USA.  We work hard to listen to the needs of you – our customer – so that we can understand how best to serve you, both with our current product offering and as we develop new products.

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The signage is exactly what I teach in research skills. The signs will save me so much time as they will fit my lesson plans. Thank you so much.

Joan Bennett, Locust Gove High School

The ten color coded shelf labels and fiction sets are very attractive and eye-catching. Children seem to be able to find what they want easier… I’ve been looking for something this attractive and size.

The Junior Dewey Poster sets are a great size – the color attracts the students and helpful to them in locating Non-Fiction books.

Ann Von Pechy, Jackson Memorial Elementary School


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